Executive Board


Ben Grayson


Hometown: Savannah, GA

Major: Risk Management and Insurance

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Dwight D. Eisenhower

What you like about CRs: Providing an opportunity for like minded students to gather to share fellowship while developing their professional skills and having opportunities to network and find job/internship opportunities.

Other Involvement: Theta Chi Fraternity, Independence Medical Services, Auto Owners Insurance, Chris Carr AG


Allison Hortenstine

Financial Secretary

Hometown: Woodstock, GA

Major: Economics

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: Opportunities provided

Other Involvement: Worked for War Room and Johnny Isakson, Delta Gamma


Andrew Mitchell

Outreach Co-Director

Hometown: Covington, GA

Major: Management BBA, Political Science

Year: 3rd

Fav President: George H.W. Bush

What you like about CRs: Opportunity to shape the party for future generations of conservatives

Other involvement: Intern for Karen Handel U.S. Senate campaign; Campaign staff for Congressman Jody Hice


Wesley Billiot

Activism Director

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Major: Political Science, Economics

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Abraham Lincoln

What you like about CRs: CRs provides its members the chance to meet their representatives and get involved with campaigns around the state.

Other involvement: Habitat for humanity, Atlanta Food Bank


Jacob Cone

Freshman Outreach Director

Hometown: Thomasville, GA

Major: Political Science

Year: 1st

Fav President: Abraham Lincoln

What you like about CRs: Teaches conservative values


Tate Mitchell

Vice Chairman

Hometown: Appling, GA

Major: Political Science, Public Relations

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Teddy Roosevelt

What you like about CRs: UGA College Republicans enables college students from all points on the conservative ideological spectrum to come together and meet with their local and state leaders, ensuring that young people's voices are heard in government and throughout the Republican Party.

Other Involvement: Director of Government Relations, UGA Student Government association. Chaired Georgia Students for Marco Rubio. Have interned locally with War Room Strategies, a politcal consulting firm based in Athens. Prior to coming to college, I interned with Congressman Rick Allen's 2014 campaign and was appointed by Senator Johnny Isakson to serve as a U.S. Senate Page during the summer of 2014.


Carter Chapman

Membership Director

Hometown: Acworth, GA

Major: Political Science, Public Relations

Year: 2nd

Fav President: Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: CRs provides students with great opportunities and connections in politics around the state.

Other involvement: UGA Freshely/Wesley


Ben Sowell

Greek Liaison

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Major: Economics, International Affairs

Year: 5th

Fav President: Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: College Republicans provides college students to engage in political issues and develop a better understanding of issues that affect the state and country. College Republicans also provides students with netowrking opportunities and insight into prospective career paths.

Other involvement: Worked at the office of Congressman Jody Hice as an Office Assistant this past summer. I am also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. I will be graduating this December.


Brett Whitley

Fundraising Director

Hometown: Cumming, GA

Major: Marketing and International Business

Year: 2nd

Fav President: Ronald Reagan/Teddy Roosevelt

What you like about CRs: UGA CRs provides the opportunity for students, both conservative and otherwise, to be exposed to new ideas, viewpoints, and perspectives. It also allows students to be politically active on campus and get involved at a young age.

Other involvement: Currently work as the marketing guy at Outsource Management Inc. On campus, I am involved with CRU, Ducks Unlimited, and Quail Forever. Off campus, I volunteer with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and enjoy designing t-shirts for companies, clubs, and fraternities.


Caitlin O'Dea

Executive Director

Hometown: Bremen, GA

Major: Political Science, Communications Director

Year: 3rd

Fav President: George Washington

What you like about CRs: It's always great to get to know our local and state leaders; the dialogue we have with our government officials enables us to promote the values of young conservatives and to advocate for the upcoming generation of leaders in Georgia politics.

Other Involvement: Lobbying intern for the Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Vice President of UGA's Undergraduate Moot Court team.


Ethan Pender

Public Relations Director

Hometown: Rome, GA

Major: Political Science, Spanish minor

Year: 2nd

Fav President: George Washington

What you like about CRs: Meeting new people who share our conservative values

Other involvement: Director of Policy Research, Student Government Association


Cecilia Walker

Social Media Director

Hometown: Rayle, GA

Major: Finance, Political Science, Criminal Justice

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Teddy Roosevelt

What you like about CRs: Having a space for conservative students and leaders to come together

Other involvement: UGA Mock Trial, Thomas Lay After-School Program, and a proud Pug parent


Demi Traikovich

Greek Liaison

Hometown: Dacula, GA

Major: Finance

Year: 3rd

Fav President: Donald Trump 

What you like about CRs: Prominent speakers from all over the state

Other involvement: Entrepenuer-I Wish I Was A Fish. Pi Beta Phi. AEI @UGA.