Executive Board


Ethan Pender, Chairman

Fourth-year Political Science and Spanish major, with Applied Politics certificate, from Rome, Ga.

Favorite President: George Washington

What you like about CRs: Meeting new people who share our conservative values.

Other Involvement: Attorney General and 2020 Elections Committee Chair, Student Government Association


Carter Chapman, Vice–Chairman

Fourth-year Political Science and Public Relations major, with Applied Politics certificate, from Acworth, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: UGACRs brings together a diverse group of opinions and furthers the conservative movement on campus, which is very important to the future of the Republican party.

Other involvement: UGA Wesley Foundation; PRSSA


Shiv Patel, Treasurer

Fourth-year Finance and Sports Management major from McDonough, Ga.

Favorite President: George Washington 

Other involvement: Corporate Relations Chair, UGA HEROs; 2020 Elections Committee member, Student Government Association


Max Johnson, Membership Director

Fourth-year Finance major from Suwanee, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: I like that, at every meeting, I learn something new and continue to develop my conservative values.

Other involvement: Alumni Chair and House Improvement Chair, Pi Kappa Alpha


Caroline Anderson, Executive Director

Fourth-year Political Science major, with Applied Politics certificate, from Macon, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan 

What you like about CRs: It provides students with the opportunity to come together and meet with prominent speakers throughout the state.

Other involvement: Alpha Phi; Serving Others Unconditional Love; Pi Sigma Alpha


Kate Hester, Public Relations Director

Third-year Political Science and Journalism major from Monroe, Ga.

Favorite President: James K. Polk

Other involvement: Alpha Phi; Grady Newsource Manager


Alex Huskey, Outreach Director

Second-year Political Science major from Summerville, Ga.

Favorite President: Abraham Lincoln

Other Involvement: Demosthenian Literary Society


Evans Elliott, Outreach Director

Fourth-year Finance major, with Entrepreneur Certificate, from Roswell, Ga.

Favorite President: Donald J. Trump

What you like about CRs: Its a place that truly brings people together. It is a safe haven for like-minded individuals in the middle of a college campus where conservative ideals are under full attack.

Other involvement: Internship with CIO of University System of Georgia, ATPC


Doug Rokosz, Activism Director

Second-year Political Science and Economics major, German minor, from McDonough, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan

Other involvement: Executive Board, Young Americans for Freedom at UGA; UGA Wesley


Robyn Anzulis, Activism Director

Second-year Applied Math and Economics major from Woodbine, Md.

Favorite President: Abraham Lincoln

Other involvement: Georgia Political Review; Honors Program Student Council


Jantz Womack, Fraternity Outreach Director

Second-year Political Science and Intended Economics major, with a Certificate in Applied Politics, from Americus, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan

Other involvement: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity;President, Students Supporting Students; Programming Committee, UGA IFC


Jordan Greenwood, Sorority Outreach Director

Third-year Marketing major, Sports Management minor, from McDonough, Ga.

Favorite President: Donald J. Trump

Other involvement: Parent & Alumnae Director, Alpha Phi; Alpha Phi Continuous Open Bidding Team


Chase Moore, Diversity Outreach Director

Fourth-year Finance and Business Economics major, Political Science minor, from Milton, Ga.

Favorite President: Donald J. Trump, George W. Bush

Other involvement: Society of Entrepreneurs; Economics Society


Nick Jelinek, Freshman Outreach Director

Second-year Finance major from Maineville, Ohio

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan

Other involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha


Khushi Patel, Freshman Outreach Director

First-year Political Science major, Philosophy minor, from Stone Mountain, Ga.

Favorite President: Ronald Reagan


Nick Lewis, Fundraising Director

Fourth-year Political Science and International Affairs major, German minor from Byron, Ga.

Favorite President: Donald J. Trump, Ronald Reagan

What you like about CRs: CRs allows us to have our fingers on the pulse of the political issues facing our nation today. It makes me feel like I am contributing to the advancement of the Republican agenda and spread of conservative ideals.

Other involvement: Captain, UGA Mock Trial; Catholic Student Association; German Student Association


Patrick O'Toole, Director of Alumni Relations

Fourth-year Management major from Fredericksburg, Va.

Favorite President: John F. Kennedy


Savannah Simpson, Social Media Director

Second-year Parks and Recreation, Ecotourism, major from McDonough, Ga.

Favorite President: Donald J. Trump

Other Involvement: Freshley/Wesley; Gamma Phi Beta


Emma Crosby, Media Manager

Fourth-year Public Relations and Design and Media major from Blairsville, Ga.

Favorite President: George Washington

Other involvement: President, PRSSA