Luke Winkler

Chairman, College Republicans at UGA


Chairman's Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website! Click on the links above to learn more about our organization.

My name is Gideon Fernald, and I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the College Republicans at the University of Georgia. As the largest College Republicans chapter in the nation, our organization strives to allow students the opportunity to build a strong community and connect interested students into the world of conservative politics. 

Each semester, CRs at UGA hosts a variety of Republican speakers, including candidates for political office, leaders in conservative thought, and incumbent officeholders throughout local, state, and federal government. In addition, we participate in service projects to benefit our local Athens community and connect students with political campaigns.

With the 2022 midterm elections wrapped up, our organization provides opportunities for conservatives to intellectually grow at our meetings while also providing opportunities for students to get connected into Republican politics whether that be working for campaigns, political offices, or private firms. This critical function of CRs allows students to explore professional opportunities in the political world and gain leadership experience. 

CRs at UGA is committed to maintaining an open dialogue and is welcoming to all students on UGA’s campus.

I appreciate the privilege to foster discussion on campus about the future of the Republican Party and our country. Thank you for your interest in the College Republicans at the University of Georgia and please reach out to me with any questions!