CRs at UGA in the News

UGA College Republicans host Herschel Walker to discuss border security, COVID-19

Jan. 13, 2022; The Red & Black


Brian Kemp discusses pandemic, election integrity with UGA College Republicans

Aug. 23, 2021; The Red & Black


Vernon Jones Clashes with UGA Students During Visit

Apr. 22, 2021; The Red & Black


Former Senator Kelly Loeffler Discusses Voter Registration Group with UGA College Republicans

Apr. 7, 2021; The Red & Black


Jody Hice speaks on issues, campaign with UGA College Republicans

Apr. 1, 2021; The Red & Black


US Congressional candidate Lynne Homrich speaks to UGA College Republicans

Jan. 23, 2020; The Red & Black


College Republicans hosts GAGOP chairman David Shafer

Oct. 31, 2019; The Red & Black


UGA Young Democrats and College Republicans face off in annual 'Great Debate'

Oct. 24, 2019; The Red & Black


Gov. Brian Kemp recounts efforts and priorities to packed house of College Republicans

Oct. 17, 2019; The Red & Black


David Perdue encourages bipartisan views, talks trade with China to UGA College Republicans 

Oct 10, 2019; The Red & Black


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger discusses duties, elections at College Republicans meeting

April 11, 2019; The Red & Black


Karen Handel reflects on Republican political strategy at UGA College Republicans Meeting 

March 7, 2019; The Red & Black


What now? UGA political organizations reflect on midterm election, plans for 2020

Dec. 4, 2018; The Red & Black 


'The Great Debate' pits UGA Democrats and Republicans on the stage

Oct. 19, 2018; The Red & Black 


Young Republicans eager to back Trump

Oct. 12, 2018; CNN


Brian Kemp, Republican candidates tailgate in Athens on game day

Sept. 29, 2018; The Arch Conservative


Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr hosted by UGA College Republicans

Sept. 14, 2018; The Red & Black


Zaxby’s with Saxby: Former U.S Senator visits UGA College Republicans

Sept. 10, 2018; The Red & Black


Saxby Chambliss on Georgia Governor Race: “Georgia is still red. We are not a purple state”

Sept. 9, 2018; The Arch Conservative


Athens Republican Party opens 2018 headquarters, hosts cookout

Aug. 21, 2018; The Red & Black


Homegrown GOP nominee: Brian Kemp wins governor nomination against opponent Casey Cagle

July 26, 2018; The Red & Black


UGA College Republicans respond to Parkland shooting

Feb. 27, 2018; The Red & Black


Rep. Karen Handel talks recent school shooting, immigration reform at UGA

Feb. 22, 2018; The Red & Black


Candidates for Secretary of State debate issues of electoral process and integrity

Feb. 2, 2018; The Red & Black


UGA College Republicans endorse Houston Gaines in District 117 special election

Oct. 20, 2017; The Red & Black


U.S. Rep. Jody Hice visits UGA College Republicans

Oct. 19, 2017; The Red & Black


UGA College Republicans host Casey Cagle

Sept. 29, 2017; The Red & Black


Brian Kemp talks governor candidacy with UGA College Republicans

Sept. 7, 2017; The Red & Black


UGA College Republicans kick off semester with visit from gubernatorial candidate

Aug. 24, 2017; The Red & Black


UGA College Republicans host phone bank for Supreme Court nominee

Feb. 27, 2017; The Red & Black


Give Trump a chance to succeed

Jan. 19, 2017; The Red & Black